The beast became
Stronger and Faster!

We are glad to introduce the best ever JTAG box you can only dream of. New upgraded hardware and software (read the specifications below), thus – outstanding performance and unbelievable speed during mobile phone’s service procedures.

Medusa PRO will suit all your regular needs.

Medusa pro box

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Product main features:

  • Easy and smart User Interface suitable for beginners and for experts
  • Fast repair of target device with Smart-Repair-Files (SRF)
  • Built-in Partition Manager
  • NAND, OneNAND, NOR and eMMC storage devices are supported via JTAG interface, Up to 1 MB/s transfer rate
  • NAND, OneNAND and eMMC storage devices are supported via USB interface
  • eMMC storage devices are supported via MMC interface, Up to 6 MB/s transfer rate
  • Full-featured professional-grade Medusa PRO software supports all operations with any required memory sections through JTAG, USB and MMC interfaces
Hardware Medusa Medusa
USB 2.0 High-speed hardware + (USB 2.0 Full-speed)
JTAG support for ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7 + +
Up to 24MHz JTAG speed + (12 MHz)
eMMC support up to MMC 5.1 standard + -
1- and 4-bit MMC bus mode supported -
Standard 20-pin JTAG interface (RJ50)
Transfer speed via JTAG interface, up to… 1 MB/s 225 kB/s
Transfer speed via MMC interface with 4-bit bus, up to 6.5 MB/S -
Transfer speed via MMC interface with 1-bit bus, up to 2.35 MB/s -
USB CCID Smart Card Reader Embedded +
RJ45 Multiport Unibox Capable + -
Software Medusa Medusa
Partition Manager -
SRF Constructor -
JTAG PIN Finder -
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