When 1 Is Better Than 2. We Are Moving Our Flash Files to One Place.

2024-03-28 17:03:12
We`ll no longer support Boot-Loder v2.0

Dear friends!

For many years, the members of the Octopus, Octoplus, and Medusa families were able to download files from 2 places: Boot-loader v2.0 and directly from the software.

We do our best to provide flawless service for our users. That`s why we carefully monitored the work of these two file storages. Finally, we found that most of you download flash files directly in the software. It makes sense because it is more comfortable to have everything in one place.

Considering this, starting from April 5 we will no longer support flash file storage on Boot-Loader v2.

Please remember that you have access to all files at any time as always. For this, just click Go to support in the software of your device.