GsmServer announces new JTAG solution for reviving phones!

2011-03-17 16:11:27

03.17.2011 GsmServer introduced Medusa Box, a brand new solution for LG and Samsung Anycall mobile phones featuring read/write boot functions for over 50 phones at the moment. Medusa Box also offers support for other phone brands such as Huawei, BenQ Siemens, Vodafone and USB modem sticks.

"Medusa provides whole support for listed models in one simple interface. Hardware is small and convenient. Universal JIGs will definitely make users’ life much easier" says one of Octopus Box developers. "It comes with free of charge, fast and automated downloads system, therefore allowing users not to waste time on visiting download areas."

Medusa Box developers' team is planning to expand the list of supported phone and modem brands in the nearest future.

One of GsmServer top managers commented: "Medusa Box is our new product developed together with well-known Octopus Team. It is our response to the rising market need in new and more advanced mobile phone service tools. We are sure that this new product will be as successful as Octopus Box due to our fast and timely technical support and, of course, frequent updates".


About GsmServer

GsmServer was founded in 1998 as an enterprise specializing in selling various GSM/CDMA unlocking and flashing solutions. Further on the company expanded range of products. It started to deal with accessories and spare parts for cell phones, various electronic components and equipment, repair/service tools, car electronics etc.

Today, GsmServer with headquarters in Hong Kong has three administrative offices: Asian department; EU department (with stock facilities in Poland); European department (non-EU countries) with sales offices and warehouses in Russia and Ukraine.

Convenient placement contributes much to GsmServer store and distribution management, resulting in international positioning of this online store and effective operations worldwide.