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Medusa Box v.1.2.8 is out! We have added Repair IMEI and Repair Security features for Samsung GT-S8500 and GT-S8530 and support for Samsung, Huawei and KTF Ever phones.
Medusa Box v.1.2.7 is out! We've added support for Samsung GT-I9001, GT-I9020, GT-I9023 cell phones.
Medusa Box v.1.2.6 is out! We've added support for Qualcomm MDM6200, LG L-06C, V909 and Samsung SC-01C, GT-P1000.
Medusa Box v.1.2.5 is out! We have added FREE IMEI Repair, FREE Full Security Repair (TA Repair) and FREE Unlock (no server, no credits, no queues, no limits) of Sony Ericsson X10a / SO-01B / E10a / E15a / U20a. Added Unlock/IMEI Repair/Full Security Repair for E15i, E15a, E10a, E10i, U20a, U20i with new BOOTROM. Also added support for LG C550, LG P690, LG P690b, LG P692 and Samsung SHW-A130S.
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