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Medusa PRO Software v.1.4.3 is out! Added Factory Repair (Boot) for Motorola devices based on Qualcomm CPUs.
Medusa PRO Software v.1.4.2 is out! Added support via eMMC for Asus Zenfone 6 (T00G), Huawei ALE-L21, Samsung SM-G386F and many more.
Medusa PRO Software v.1.4.1 is out! Added General Qualcomm USB loaders for MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8929 and more.
Medusa PRO Software v.1.4.0 is out! Added support via eMMC for LG D856, LG K120K, LG K220DS and many more, and support via USB for LG D295, LG D856, LG F570S and more.
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