User Manual

4.2. Initialization of MediaTek (MTK) CPUs via USB

After making sure that the device is in EDL mode and defined in the system as "MediaTek USB Port" (Fig. 21), select from the list "Device (Core)" (Fig. 22) one of the two options - "MTK Custom" or "MTK General".

The difference between these two options is that in "MTK Custom" to initialize the device you need to select 3 files: "Download Agent (DA)", "Preloader" and "Authentication File" (AUTH file) (Fig. 25).

For "MTK General" you only need to select one file: "Preloader" (Fig. 26) and click "Connect". If the initialization is successful, the log will display information about the device and from now on you can work with it using the standard read / write / erase features from the "Main" tab (Fig. 23), and work with factory firmware in the "Factory repair" tab (Fig. 24).

Medusa Software - Mediatek Config

Fig. 25

Medusa Software - Mediatek Config Preloader

Fig. 26