User Manual

5. Work with NAND

Medusa Pro Software supports JEDEC ONFI NAND flash drives with 8 and 16 bit widths and Apple PPN 32 / 64bit. Physically, the flash drive is connected via Medusa socket, or soldered to the Pin Connector. Depending on the type of flash drive, PPN or ONFI mode should be selected (Fig. 27)

Medusa Software - Custom Settings

Fig. 27

Only standard read / write / erase features are available in ONFI mode. In PPN mode, in addition to standard features, additional features are available in the NAND Service tab (Fig. 28).

Medusa Software - NAND Service

Fig. 28

  • Show config - Highlights configuration information in the log;
  • Backup config - Saves configurations to separate files;
  • Restore config - Restores the configuration from the saved file in the selected "Boot";
  • Restore manually - Provides access to configuration correction manually;
  • Erase NAND - Overwrites the NAND drive.