User Manual

1.1. General Device Recovery Algorithm

In general, the device recovery process consists of several stages:

  • It is necessary to physically connect the device to one of the interfaces Fig.1A;
  • Select the desired interface;
  • Configure the interface in the field shown in Fig.1B;
  • Initialize the device by pressing the "Connect" button (Fig. 2A);
  • The initialization results are displayed in the log (Fig. 1C). In case of successful initialization, the log may contain certain device parameters, for example: device manufacturer, device model, serial number, media size, etc. If the device could not be initialized, information about the impossibility to initialize the device is displayed in the log;
  • After successful initialization, you must select the method by which you plan to restore the device. For each individual device, the method may differ (factory firmware, previously saved device dumps, using original SRF files created by the Medusa team for faster and easier device recovery).