User Manual

4. Work with USB

Medusa Pro Software supports work via USB for devices with Qualcomm or MediaTek (MTK) CPUs.

To initialize a device, it must be in the EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode). It is possible to switch to EDL mode in different ways, the most effective way is to short certain points (test points) on the device board. You must partially disassemble the device to perform this procedure.

In some other cases, it is possible to put the device in EDL mode with a special command from the Android OS or other modes, such as Recovery, Fastboot, etc. After the device switches to EDL mode, it becomes available in the system as a COM port, through which the interaction takes place in EDL mode. Displaying devices in EDL mode connected via USB, Qualcomm (Fig.20) and MTK (Fig.21).

Medusa Software - Qualcomm HS-USB

Fig. 20 - Device with Qualcomm CPU in EDL mode, connected via USB

Medusa Software -

Fig. 21 Device with MTK CPU in EDL mode, connected via USB