User Manual

3. Work with UFS Flash Media

Medusa Pro Software supports working with UFS-type flash media and Medusa Pro II box. Medusa Pro does not support work with UFS!!! UFS standards supported by Medusa Pro Software:

  • UFS 2.0
  • UFS 2.1
  • UFS 3.0
  • UFS 3.1

Medusa Pro II works on one Lane and supports the following bus modes: LS PWM G1, LS PWM G2, LS PWM G3, LS PWM G4, HS G1. Working with UFS media basically coincides with the eMMC and the UFS Service tab (Fig. 15). The difference is in the initialization setting - in UFS this tab looks like in Fig. 14, where in the "Gear" field you can select in which of the modes the UFS interface will work (Table 2).

Medusa Software - Custom Settings

Fig. 14 - Setting basic parameters for initializing a UFS flash drive

Gears Min (Mbps) Max (Mbps)
LS PWM-G1 3 (300KB/s) 9 (900KB/s)
LS PWM-G2 6 (600KB/s) 18 (1.8MB/s)
LS PWM-G3 12 (1.2MB/s) 36 (3.6MB/s)
LS PWM-G4 24 (2.4MB/s) 72 (7.2MB/s)
HS G1   1248 (124.8MB/s)

Table 2. Transfer rate matching from Gear

Medusa Software - UFS Service

Fig. 15 - UFS Service Tab