User Manual

2.4. eMMC Work with Service Features (eMMC Service)

This mode is used for working with internal eMMC registries (CID, CSD, EXT_CSD), partitioning a flash drive, switching flash drive operating modes, reading additional information, updating firmware.

Medusa Software - eMMC Service Tab

Fig. 13 - eMMC Service Tab

"CID Edit" - Used for editing the CID register;

"Remove write protect" - Removes writing protection;

"Factory Format" - Completely overwrites a flash drive;

"eMMC firmware" - Firmware update for eMMC controller;

!!! Medusa Pro Software is not responsible for a permanently damaged device during the update of the controller firmware. All operations to update the controller firmware are performed at the user's own risk.

"eMMC geometry edit" - Sizing Boot1, Boot2, RPMB;

"Write CSD" - Used for editing the CSD register;

"Smart report" - Reads information about the flash drive resource;

"HW Partitions" - Used for adjusting the size of GP1, GP2, GP3, GP4 and User area;

"Read/Write EXT_CSD" - Work with EXT_CSD;

"Boot operation mode" - Boot setup;