User Manual

2.1 eMMC Initialization

Before starting eMMC initialization, you need to set basic connection parameters such as voltage (Voltage, default 1.8V), bus mode (Bus Mode, default 1 bit) and transmission frequency (Bus speed, default Auto). For most cases, the voltage and transmission frequency can be left untouched. If the flash drive is connected using the Medusa socket, then the bus width can be selected depending on which box is currently being used, according to Table 1.

Medusa Software - Initialize eMMC

Fig. 3 Configuring Basic Parameters for Initializing of eMMC Flash Drive

By pressing the “Connect” button (Fig. 4), in case of successful initialization, information about the carrier is displayed in the log (example in Fig. 5).

Medusa Software - Connect

Fig. 4

Medusa Software - Log Window

Fig. 5 Window with the Log of the Connected Flash Drive

From this moment on, the flash drive is considered initialized and you can work with it.