User Manual

2.2. eMMC Standard Features (Main)

Standard read, write and erase features are available in the "Main" tab.

Medusa Software - Main


It is possible to select the memory area with which you plan to work in the upper part of the tab, if the selected area is not a zero size:

  • Boot Area Part. 1;
  • Boot Area Part. 2;
  • RPMB;
  • GP1 (General purpose 1);
  • GP2 (General purpose 2);
  • GP3 (General purpose 3);
  • GP4 (General purpose 4);

2.2.1. eMMC Work with Partitions (Partitions)

If certain partitions were found on the flash drive during initialization, then to simplify working with them, you can select the necessary ones by first selecting the “Partitions” mode (Fig. 7) and pressing the “Read” button (Fig. 8), a window with partitions will open, Fig.9.

Medusa Software - Partitions

Fig. 7

Medusa Software - Read, Erase, Write

Fig. 8

Medusa Software - Partitions Window

Fig. 9 Partitions Window

In this window, you need to select the partitions that you want to read. The specified partitions will be read into a file with the *.mpt extension. It is also possible to read the partitions into separate *.bin files; for this you need to check the "Read each partition in separative binary (*.bin) file" option.

To write partitions, you must select a file with the *.mpt extension, which was previously read, and click "Write" (Fig. 8).

2.2.2. eMMC Work with Arbitrary Addresses and Blocks (Custom)

When you need to write / read / delete data at a certain address and in a certain amount, switch to the Custom mode (Fig. 10), select from the list in which units the data will be entered:

Medusa Software - Custom

Fig. 10

  • Hex value (in bytes, HEX);
  • Hex blocks (in blocks, HEX);
  • KB (in kilobytes, DEC);
  • MB (in megabytes, DEC).

2.2.3. eMMC Work with the Full Capacity of the Flash Drive (Full)

If you need to write / read / delete information from the entire flash drive, you must switch to Full mode (Fig. 11)

Medusa Software - Full

Fig. 11

Then perform the necessary operation (Fig. 8).